Formed at the beginning of this decade GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS is ready to shake things up and do it their way. Four guys with a mutual love for catchy music and a strong drive to be themselves, GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS is about more than just the music. Surely, the catchy pop punk tunes are there, infused with some 00’s emo and elements from the booming urban scene. But GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS is also about doing what you want, choosing your own path, believing in yourself, each other and being there for everyone. The band is aware of what’s going on in the world and tries to be your soundtrack to these crazy times. Speaking of soundtracks; their own playlists are filled with Neck Deep, All Time Low, 5 Seconds Of Summer, YUNGBLUD, Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa. With a very strong and clear vision, passion and drive, GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS announced themselves to the world - their playfield - in a bold manner. A repetitive all caps band name combined with strong colourful logos and images. Four talented but different characters that work well together and all bring ideas to the table. Respectful and open minded towards each other and their (musical) ideas, but at the same time not shy to reach out to people they admire and like to work with. Their first singles “Paralysed”, “Whatever” and “Harvest Me” gained them a steady but ever-growing following and helped built a very active community; their Discord is filled with fans who talk to each other about everyday things and struggles and share their favourite moments from their lives. “Harvest Me” spent weeks on Spotify’s curated “New Alternative” playlist and was added to KinkNL’s high rotation playlist - and stayed there for two months. For the second year in a row, the band got selected for the prestigious Dutch Popronde festival - a travelling festival that hits cities all over the country, bringing the audience a wide array of new talented bands. “A great way to show the world what GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS is all about, show that we love playing together more than anything. We also can’t wait to see people’s reactions to all these ​ songs that we think are among the best pieces of music we’ve ever written in our separate careers” says drummer Lenard Davers. Be who you want, do what you want - but do it with GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS


Geosy - Vocals & Guitar

Lenard - Vocals & Drums

Bastiaan - Guitar & Synths

Roy - Bass


Paralysed - Single - 2020

Whatever - Single - 2020

I.N.V.U. - EP - 2020

Harvest Me - Single - 2021

Oh Fuck, It’s Saturday... - Single - 2021